What is Serviced Accommodation and Airbnb?

The advent of Airbnb has ushered in a revolutionary concept in the global short-term rental industry. Much like Uber did for transportation, Airbnb has enabled travelers to access hotel-like accommodations and services anywhere in the world. This has created a mutually beneficial scenario for both tourists and property owners, yielding higher rental returns through short-term stays. In a remarkably short span, Airbnb has blossomed into a $24 billion enterprise, boasting over 640,000 hosts worldwide and a user base exceeding 50 million. This rapid growth underscores the magnitude of Airbnb’s impact in just a few years. For those unacquainted with the term, Airbnb is an abbreviation for “Air bed and breakfast,” signifying its offering of accommodations along with bed and breakfast services.

Maximize Your Property’s Earnings as a Landlord

If you own a well-appointed property in London, Birmingham, Liverpool or Kent you can tap into the shared economy concept and reap the benefits. Listing your property on Airbnb can result in higher rental income through short-term rentals. By providing hotel-like amenities and services to your guests, you can potentially earn more in a few days than you would from traditional monthly rentals. The allure of high rental yields from short-term letting has led many landlords to reconsider offering long-term leases to permanent tenants. This shift has caused a shortage of housing options for renters and prompted government interventions and regulations in the short-term letting industry.

Addressing the Demands of Discerning Guests

Over time, as competition has intensified, landlords have had to find ways to capture the attention of tourists seeking short-term rentals. Today’s travelers demand a richer customer experience and are no longer satisfied with appealing decor and basic amenities. If you own property in Coventry and have noticed a decline in bookings in recent months, it may be time to consider offering fully serviced accommodations. However, managing this on your own, especially in a different city or while juggling other responsibilities, can be challenging. This is where the expertise and experience of AV Stays come into play.

The Rise of Fully Serviced Accommodations

The concept of serviced accommodations has evolved significantly in recent times, revolutionizing the short-term letting industry. Serviced apartments offer guests a comprehensive and luxurious experience, which includes not only laundry and meals but also an array of services typically associated with high-quality hotels. An appealing feature of these serviced accommodations is that they include utility bills in the rental fee, ensuring that guests are fully aware of the costs involved. Landlords, in turn, benefit from knowing that they are receiving the full value for the amenities and services provided to their guests.

Simplifying Short-Term Letting for Landlords

As a landlord, delivering high-quality services and amenities to your Airbnb guests can be a demanding task. However, it’s a task that promises higher rental returns when offering fully serviced accommodations. AV Stays is a company designed to simplify and streamline short-term letting for landlords. Regardless of your property’s location, AV Stays commits to providing fully serviced accommodations to your Airbnb guests. With a wealth of experience in offering such accommodations, the company ensures that its clients can increase their property’s revenue while providing guests with personalized experiences.

Let AV Stays Take the Lead

This is just the beginning of how AV Stays can alleviate your concerns regarding short-term letting. For a small fee of 15% plus VAT, you can entrust AV Stays to manage your Airbnb listing. With an aggressive and adaptable pricing strategy, AV Stays ensures high occupancy rates for your property, translating into increased earnings. In fact, the company ensures that its fees do not come out of your own pocket. Just as you found it straightforward to list your property on Airbnb, AV Stays makes it even easier to offer fully serviced accommodations to your guests.

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